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Water Treatment
Welcome to our World of Water Treatment. We are agents for Avoca Water Treatment products in the South East. With over 30 years experience Avoca has become Irelands Number 1 Water Softener. Using any of our units we can help you have & the quality water you and your family deserve. We are all aware of the benefits that good water has for us, both for our health in drinking it and in our everyday use for washing etc. Invest in a simple system that makes living a luxury for you!

We can solve your Water Problems
  • Lime - Need a Water Softener
  • Iron - Invest in an Iron Removal Unit
  • Bacteria - Simply install a UV Unit
  • Drinking Water - Carbon or Charcoal filters available
  • Taste / Odour - Seperate Drinking Taps available
  • Maganese - Specialised fitlers available on request

Water Softeners

Do you have Hard Water?
  • Kettle destroyed with lime
  • Scum left in your bath / sink
  • Irritable skin
  • Blocked shower heads
  • Expensive to heat your water
Selection of Softeners
What Soft Water will do for you:
  • Save money on washing powder, shampoos, bath foam etc
  • Remove ugly stains and scale
  • Protect central heating systems and improve efficiency
  • Reduce cost of; water heating, replacement of showers etc
  • Make laundry cleaner, brighter and softer
  • Showering is more pleasant when water has a silky feel
  • Dishes will clean easier, sparkle and shine

To Install your Avoca Water Softener

The standard domestic water softener (model Ecosoft S9) is suitable for any home where water is hard. There is a complete range of softners available for all applications. Fitted to your mains water supply and hidden in a kitchen unit, garage or outsiee the kitchen window, we will install it for you. All our softeners are digitally controlled with a time clock are are salt based and easy to use. Low maintenance, just top-up your salt as required. We will ensure that you are totally happy with your Avoca Water Softener.

Contact Us to Discuss your Installation: 053 - 914 3018

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